Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Our goal is to create a seamless flooring experience, and there are many options that can seem daunting at first. Regardless of the flooring you choose, you have the satisfaction in knowing you will receive the best quality flooring for the price. One of the first steps is to decide whether to go with solid wood or engineered flooring. Most collections come with matching stair parts and custom widths can be requested!

Our Best Selling Wide Plank Flooring Options

White Oak Wide Plank Flooring

Rustic reclaimed oak flooring

Castlewalk Collection Wide Plank Flooring

• Strength and Durability • Open Grain • Color Variations

Description: A classic choice that offers versatility, white oak offers colors including white to very light brown. It is harder choice than its cousin, red oak, with a distinctive open grain and coarse texture.

Hardwoods Wide Plank Flooring


Bistro Collection Wide Plank Flooring

• Rustic Character  • Strength and Durability • Rich Color Variations

Description: Our Bistro Collection offers an alluring character grade floor with natural texture and weathered surfaces in a variety of color tones from steel gray to rich, warm brown.

Why Choose Wide Plank Flooring?

When it comes to wide plank flooring, we ensure our customers get the best quality out there.  “Incredibly beautiful”, is all our customers can say about the look of our wide plank flooring.  When the scale of your room allows this unique wide width then this is the flooring for you.

Featured Wide Plank Wood Flooring Collections


Manor Collection
Mixed Hardwoods

View our Orleans Collection Antique Heart PIne Dirty Top Flooring

Orleans Collection
Reclaimed Heart Pine 


American Hardwoods
Maple Flooring

With all the aged beauty that only old oak exposed to weather and time can give, our Barnwood Collection engineered flooring has a story to tell.

Barnwood Collection
Rustic Reclaimed Oak 

Copy of B1883-american hickory

American Hardwoods
Hickory Flooring


Bistro Collection
Mixed Hardwoods

With its tight grain and occasional knots and nail holes, our Chateau collection blends beautifully in modern or traditional settings and is appealing for a variety of decorating styles.

Chateau Collection
Antique Heart Pine 

Rustic reclaimed oak flooring

Castlewalk Collection
Rustic Reclaimed Oak

walnut character grade flooring

American Hardwoods
Walnut Flooring

A classic choice that offers versatility, white oak offers colors including white to very light brown.

American Hardwoods
White Oak Flooring


American Hardwoods
Cherry Flooring

American Hardwoods 1

Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Available Widths: Our high quality engineered flooring options means you can have those gorgeous 7 inch up to 12 inch wide floor boards.

Durability: The stability provided from our top of the line engineered flooring ensures that your floors will last a lifetime. 

Finish Options: We guarantee a precision milled engineered flooring and it is available unfinished for onsite finishing.

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