Antique Heart Pine


Antique Heart Pine is a 100% recycled product, carefully reclaimed and then re-milled from dismantled 100-150 year old buildings. By re-manufacturing this fine aged wood, we can provide a quality product that is unmatched by today’s standards for beauty and durability. Whether you are remodeling an old classic or building a future heirloom, our products can help you create the unique environment you envision. If you want more information on Antique Heart Pine Flooring, call us at (225)567-1155, or contact us.


Coming Soon! Our Best Deal in Dirty Top Pine

If you are looking for dirty top pine flooring on sale, we make some of the best antique heart pine flooring in Louisiana and we ship nationwide. Our Gluedown Dirty Top Pine is an instant, well-aged look that only time can create. All the beauty of a well-aged floor in gluedown application. This is our newest look in Gluedown Dirty Top Pine a southern tradition. Now for a special sale price. Minimum order 500sqft.

Regular Price: $8.60                     Sale Price: $7.25 sqft.

Product Details: Gluedown Dirty Top Pine is 1/2″ x random widths (3-1/2″, 4-1/2″ and 5-1/2″).


Chateau Collection

Chateau Collection
Antique Heart Pine Flooring

• Tight grain • Character • A few knots and nailholes • Durability 

Description: With its tight grain, durability and a little character, this antique heart pine flooring is appealing for a variety of decorating styles from modern to traditional. 


Orleans Collection

Orleans Collection
Antique Heart Pine Flooring

• Original rustic surface • Natural patina • Saw marks • Knots 

Description: Our Orleans Collection creates an instant, well aged look that only time can create. If you are looking for dirty top pine flooring for sale, we make some of  the best antique heart pine flooring in Louisiana and we ship nationwide. 

Silvan Collection

Silvan Collection
Antique Heart Pine Flooring

• Character grade • Neutral Color for Easy Staining  • Occasional Knots 

Description: Our Silvan Collection heart pine flooring offers the whole package: charm, versatility, and gorgeous grain patterns, perfect for your renovation, remodel or new construction. 

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Artisan Collection

Artisan Collection
Pre-finished Heart Pine Flooring

• Pre-finished  • Dirty-top Look • Budget Friendly

Description: The Artisan Prefinished Collection is our newest look in “Dirty Top” engineered pine wood flooring, staying true to its name. Distressed character and warm, rich brown tones.

Prestige Collection

Prestige Collection
Antique Heart Pine Flooring

• Vertical Tight Grain • All Heart Wood  • Free of Knots 

Description: Our Prestige collection is the best of the best antique heart pine flooring, all heart, tight grain, clear (free of knots), 85% vertical grain or better, and rare nail holes.

NuHeart Collection

NuHeart Collection
New Heart Pine Flooring

• Old Growth Pine • Durability • Budget Friendly

Description: Our NuHeart Pine flooring is an affordable alternative to our Prestige collection, carefully selected from the best longleaf heart pine available. Looks great with just a clear finish!

Reclaimed Heart Pine from Old Pine Beams

In our country’s recent history, Antique Heart Pine was the preferred structural material, working like steel does today, for “brick and timber” style mill buildings. The last of these majestic giants were cut down in the mid-1920’s. By their very nature, taking hundreds of years to mature, they were not considered for replanting and were replaced by faster growing varieties. It was the close of a special era in our country’s history.

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Dade County Pine Flooring

Our Prestige Collection Heart Pine is some of the best Dade County pine flooring for sale and we back it up with Our Guarentee. This reclaimed antique Heart Pine flooring is sourced from old growth Long Leaf Yellow Pine also known as Dade County Pine in South Florida. Tidewater or Sinker Cypress and Knotty Pine are just some of the recycled and sustainable wood products offered by Albany Woodworks.

This durable, long-lasting wood is no longer available for harvesting, as it comes from the original virgin-growth forests of the South.   Albany Woodworks is the only source to get this high quality of reclaimed antique heart pine lumber for building materials.

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Dirty Top Pine Flooring

The old pine flooring that is commonly referred to as Dirty-Top Pine has the mark of original saw-blades from a by-gone era. A tradition in New Orleans flooring this hardy rustic flooring is hard to come by and is one of our most popular tongue and groove pine flooring for sale.

The Longleaf pine is named for its unique and very long needles hanging from springy branches.  A unique member of the pine tree family which once dominated the forests that stretched from our southeastern coast and on west to east Texas.  These ancient, towering 200 years ago pine wood was harvested in colors of rich gold to amber to the warm browns. 

Pine flooring from Louisiana was more than plentiful then and was freely exported to other states and other countries because of it’s special durability and beauty. Virgin-growth pine trees yielded the best type of long straight grained lumber.   

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