Antique Heart Cypress and Sinker Cypress

Choosing cypress means choosing a lifetime of beauty. Its natural rot resistant, which has earned it the name as the “Wood Eternal”, makes it ideal for both interior and exterior millwork like shutters and doors. Cypress adds heirloom quality beauty to your project.

Featured Antique Heart Cypress Lumber

Reclaimed Heart Cypress

antique heart cypress grade shot

Antique Heart Cypress

• Natural Rot Resistance • Rustic Reclaimed Appearance  

Description: This legendary wood was growing in southern swamps over 2000 years ago. It offers a more rustic appearance with knots and nail holes from its previous life in historic buildings and homes.  

Sinker Cypress

sinker cypress grade shot

Reclaimed Sinker Cypress 

• Natural Rot Resistance • Richer Color Variation from Minerals in Rivers and Swamps

Description: The perfect finishing touch to your unique project. Expert milling using sinker cypress for custom homes, historic restorations, and commercial spaces is our specialty. 

Which Heart Cypress Lumber Do I Choose?


Sinker Cypress vs. Reclaimed Heart Cypress:

At Albany Woodworks, we provide high quality Heart Cypress because we want to ensure our customers get the best available. The two types of heart cypress wood we offer are: Sinker Cypress and Reclaimed Cypress. Both are beautiful products but their origins are different. 

Reclaimed heart cypress is sourced from those same original swamps, but are the cypress timbers that made it to their final destination. The cypress was cut up and installed into new buildings in the late 1800’s. We reclaim this gorgeous cypress and re-mill it to bring new life. 

Sinker cypress is whole cypress tree logs that were lost during the Southern logging boom in the late 1800’s. The only way for loggers of the time to get these huge cypress timbers out of the swamps was to float them. It was not uncommon for some of the timber to sink to the bottom and lay lost. Now with current day technology, it is easy for these sinker cypress logs to be retrieved and manufactured into gorgeous products such as doors, wall paneling, shutters and more. 

Both of these historic woods are the perfect finishing touch to your unique project. Expert milling for custom homes, historic restorations, and commercial spaces is our specialty. Join our happy clients who have selected our custom milling for their projects Our custom mill-shop offers a variety of products in both sinker cypress and reclaimed heart cypress including: doors, shutters, moldings, accent walls, wood windows, wood ceiling and paneling, and cabinet stock.

Products available in Heart Cypress and Sinker Cypress

Exterior Wood Doors

Heart Cypress makes a beautiful impression for your “grand entrance”! Building your dream door from fine old Sinker Cypress or Reclaimed Heart Cypress will make it last forever. This eight foot high, six panel entry door is just one of the many our custom shop has carefully crafted over the years.

Complimented by four light side panels and a full fanned 27 light arched transom, this Heart Cypress door is supplied ready to finish, with threshold and weatherstripping, and close fitting tolerances for energy efficiency. Our doors are the best of old style craftsmanship and new technology.

See our gallery for more door ideas! 


Interior Wood Doors

Using old world craftsmanship and carefully selected materials we can make your design a reality. From castle doors to french doors, mission or modern doors, period doors or traditional, we can produce any style door for entryways, and most exterior or interior installations, in Antique Heart Cypress. Other wood types are available, simply ask when you contact us with your design! 

Let us know what you have in mind and we will help you make that grand entrance! Just give us a few details. Please provide quantity needed, dimensions and a basic configuration and we’ll be happy to provide a prompt quotation. If you have an architectural sketch that would be very helpful, just send it along via email and we’ll be in touch.

For more door inspiration, visit our gallery




Exterior Wood Shutters

Beautiful Sinker Cypress shutters give you just what you need, whether it is privacy, shade from the afternoon sun, or just the right amount of mood lighting. Carefully crafted from reclaimed Sinker Cypress in the old “plantation” style for interior or exterior installations.  These shutters are a classic and will serve you for years to come.  We supply operable louvers, as shown here, or board and batten style and “Z” back too.

Neoprene pins keep them where you set them, and stainless rod to louver connectors add to their functionality. Just next to the shutters you can see our Antique Heart Pine wainscot paneling.  Just let us know your window sizes for a prompt quotation on shutters.


Interior Wood Shutters

Isn’t this perfect proof that reclaimed old growth Sinker Cypress brings style and pizzazz to even the most personal rooms in your home. No wonder the owners covered their relaxing spot from windows with privacy shutters, to wall paneling and, of course, those beautiful arch top doors with nothing but virgin growth Sinker Cypress and the skills of a craftsman.

The flooring is our Chateau Collection Antique Heart Pine and it is traditional to pair it with Sinker Cypress. Talk to us and we’ll make all the details available.


Shutter Doors

Another perfect use for Sinker Cypress old style shutters. Allowing all the morning light while you are enjoying your morning “cup” but keeping it private for you and your family.

Sinker Cypress has a lot of natural color on its own but there’s a custom stain on these shutters to match the doors in the rest of the home. Talk to us about where you want to use shutters. We carefully craft them with old style mortise and tenon joints and then use a little new technology by adding neoprene pins on the ends of the louvers so they stay where you adjust them. We also use stainless steel rod connectors as old heart sinker cypress will last and last.

How about using our Sinker Cypress shutters or doors with fixed louver style for closets or kitchen pantry storage. They are useful for freshness and ventilation where you need it and privacy too.

Download our digital catalog for more information. 

heart cypress wood moldings

Heart cypress is perfect for your wood molding throughout your home. Baseboards, crown molding, door framing and more! This Key West home added the element of luxury by using natural Sinker Cypress wood moldings throughout. 

We are happy to help you decide those extra touches when deciding on your dream design for your home. Contact us with your ideas and let our decades of experience help take things to the next level of delight. 

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