Our Reclaiming Process

History and environment lovers at heart, we feel it is our business to preserve the future by conserving our past. Historic warehouse districts comprised of turn-of-the-century heart pine beams and brick, are now being demolished to make way for high-density occupancy dwellings and commerce. These buildings are filled with antique raw materials, waiting to make their appearance in our sawmills. 

How we source our reclaimed lumber.

We feel our process makes us stewards of our Southern history and environment by giving new life to one of our Nation’s most valuable resources. Our goal is to preserve history through this lumber and save trees by recycling. 


Our approach is simple, reclaim antique woods to save more trees.

Since our establishment in 1976, we have developed an extensive network of suppliers in the construction and demolition industry around the country. As a result, we are able to have a steady supply of product through saving and carefully dismantling a large portion of 150-year-old buildings being scheduled for demolition daily. 


Reclaim authentic history in your project. 

These large, reclaimed timbers make their way to our sawmill to be carefully to be graded and turned into our flooring collections and other building materials. Once it has passed processing and quality inspection, it makes its way into your home. When you purchase quality flooring and lumber from Albany Woodworks, you are not just buying a lifetime of enjoyment for your home, you are reviving these historical timbers. 


Honor the past, embrace present and protect the future through reclaimed products. 

Learn more about adding the history of some of our past reclaimed lumber:


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